Why Are Wedding DJs Expensive? (part 1)

As I do at least twice a week, I just commented on a
pricing thread on a Wedding Group. We occasionally get asked why a Wedding DJ
is more than a party DJ.

Well, all DJs don’t fit all occasions. It’s not like
buying an IPhone they are all the same and you might as well buy the cheapest.
Contrary to what many DJs will tell you it’s not like buying a car, there isn’t
a Ford Fiesta price and a Ferrari price. A DJ provides a service and that
service should make your wedding day special. It should be fun and unique and full of great memories.

We all buy services and we have different demands of them whether it’s a cup of
tea in a roadside café or high tea at The Dorchester. The level of service you
choose for your wedding is down to you!

Personally, for a one-off event, I’d want to push the boat out and get the
best I could afford. That doesn’t mean the most expensive though! It means the
best value and only you can place a value on service!

Find a DJ you like (speak to several, maybe even meet a few), someone who has
photos of their kit in many different venues (so you know it’s theirs). Make
sure they use written contracts and have backup plans in place for every

If in doubt drop me a line 07866 222 733 or email Roger@MKParties.co.uk and I’ll my best
to point you in the right direction.


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