Who is MK Parties? Q&A

Hi I am Roger Gregson and MK Parties is the name I gave to my DJ services business.

Why MK Parties? Well I live in Milton Keynes and my business is providing the very best parties for people.

Why not MK Weddings or similar? I started out doing all kinds of events and built up a large following in pubs and clubs so I didn’t want to change my branding even when I decided to become the best specialist wedding DJ in the area.

Why did you decide to specialise in weddings? A wedding is a very special celebration and no two events are the same. They usually have a wide age range and musical tastes. I had seen some really awful wedding discos and as a DJ I thought that there ought to be some way of doing this a lot better!

How did you become a wedding specialist? To become a specialist in anything you have to study. I spent a lot of time researching some of the best, most creative wedding DJs in the UK and all over the world. I watched their videos, read their books and even paid to go to their seminars. I’m still learning and listening. I take what they have and try to use it in my own way, adapting it to my own style.

To you, what should a wedding DJ do? A wedding DJ has to create the atmosphere on the special day and work with everyone involved to make sure the whole event runs as smoothly as possible. From the pre-ceremony music right through to the end of the night, the musical score for the day needs to be managed and the narrative of the day should help to keep all the guests not only informed but excited for what happens next!

What do you do for a wedding then?

I like meticulous preparation and attention to detail, but I also like to adjust things on the fly and go with the flow! I have no prescribed playlist for every event and like to have the freedom to change direction with the mood of the dancefloor.

I discuss muscial tastes with my couple and make sure that we suit them firstly! On the big day itself, before everything gets started, I like to have a mingle with the guests and get some ideas of the songs that make them remember special times – those nights at college, or when you went roller skating, 18th birthday party etc.

For me the music is about creating emotion, bringing back and creating memories!



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