Use a DJ Agency or Book a Solo Operator? General Wedding Advice

OK so following on from my blog about using a venue’s own preferred supplier I decided to write about the pros and cons of using agencies to book your wedding DJ. I’m not exactly unbiased here but I do appreciate both sides of the argument. Many solo operator DJs, including me, will have a some point used an agency to fill a diary working for agencies. 


An agency will have several DJs working for them so in case of an emergency you may be covered. Things like a vehicle breakdown, sickness and equipment failure are all possible.

Agencies can often provide packages to include “extras” such as LED dancefloor, photobooth, backdrop, Love Letters, candy floss, sweet trolley, chocolate fountain, post box, red carpet, photgraphy, etc.


Successful agencies tend to be above the VAT threshold so their prices include 20% VAT – a substantial cost impact!

Larger companies have to make a profit and they have much higher overheads such as offices, warehouses and expensive marketing to pay for – this all increases the cost of supplying. If the overall price is the same as someone without these costs then the actual DJ is earning a lot less than you might think and the quality may well not be up to what you are expecting! 

Several DJs likely means that you don’t meet your actual DJ until the day of your event. Whether it’s all day or just the evening, this is a long time  with a stranger you don’t get on with! Please check your DJ is someone you would like to spend your most important day with!

Ensure that your actual DJ has experience of weddings – this is no time for amateurs or a last minute stand-in because the agency has over-stretched. You would be amazed at the number of posts on DJ forums looking for wedding DJ’s to cover events at short notice for low fees!

Are the photos you have seen are representative of the actual equipment you will be getting and not just a selection of the best pictures of events the agency has used before? All of my images are actually of my own equipment so if you see something you like then that is what you get!

Package deals can look great on paper, but wouldn’t you rather have a specialist for your wedding, someone concentrating on the music side of things rather than trying to do everything? I have my own area of expertise and I leave the photography and dancefloors etc to others.

Your DJ should be able to play the kind of music you like, not the cliched wedding music everyone has! You can only check this out if you speak to the person who will be there on your day! Talk about your musical tastes and see if they are on your wavelength. Perhaps ask to see some of their previous playlists for weddings?

I never take weddings if I’m not sure I can make the day perfect! Despite being a professional DJ there are holes in my musical knowledge – I can’t provide 7 hours of drum n’ bass or dubstep – if you wanted that then I would recommend someone who could!

I hope this article has been of help. Check out my other blogs and have a look at my website and Facebook pages. If you want some advice or a quote feel free to drop me a line.
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