Not all DJs play the same music, and you don’t have to have the same old songs as every other wedding!

I love finding out what kind of music you like but I also encourage you to also speak to your guests and ask for requests ahead of the day. I have regularly played what might seem like a “different” set for a normal wedding but what is a normal wedding? You usually know your guests better than I do! On the day itself I take requests from guests but if you have a strict “do not play” policy then I will avoid the clichéd wedding songs that many are so bored with! When it comes to the evening, I like to make things flow and play songs in sets that flow together varying tempo, genre and eras to make sure everyone will find something they like!

In terms of how an evening runs then I make a judgement based on how people have reacted to various tunes throughout the day, age groups present and the request I have been given. Often I find it better to play tunes that everyone will recognise straight after the formal dances moving on to your requests if the party needs to be rebooted after evening food.

I’m a big fan of all things soul so Motown, Stax and Atlantic, Northern, 70s disco and funk, I love reggae and ska, rock n roll, in fact most things you can dance or sing to! I go to concerts and stage shows at every opportune moment and subscribe to music pools and listen to the radio to continually introduce myself to new music.

I like to say I’m honest enough to refuse events that I don’t feel confident in fulfilling the remit – another reason for meeting you beforehand. If you want 6 hours of UK garage or drum n bass or dubstep then I’m not the DJ for you but if you want a little of anything incorporating then I know what will work.

At any wedding I like to have the flexibility to change things on the fly so that everyone can have a great time so I don’t take song by song playlists or hundreds of “must play” songs (unless they are great floorfillers). I explain all of this in a meeting along with recommendations of how an evening usually works best.

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