I have limited availability as I won’t compromise my service by doing back to back weddings. I put an incredible amount of preparation and effort into my events so I need time to recover from them! This means that up to 30 couples per year end up disappointed because their dates have already been booked.

I am a solo operator, this means that if you book me then you get me! It will be me you see at your meetings, it will be me who speaks to your other suppliers and it will be me all day at your wedding. This doesn’t mean I have no backup though! I have duplicates of just about everything (including a spare vehicle!) and if for any reason I’m unable to attend my first call for back up is my brother-in-law who is also an accomplished wedding DJ who I am confident to pass on a few bookings that I am unable to fulfil. Gary and I began our DJing at the same time and I ended up marrying his sister-in-law!

Your Perfect Match

Your wedding should be unique and personal, so make the right choice.

But hurry – I only perform at one wedding per day!

Your perfect day is just a moment away.