My mum tells me I have loved music since I was a couple of months old and she played the radio every day in our house (and she still does!).  This love of music naturally led to my journey as a DJ, which began as a hobby when I was in my teens as an alternative music DJ playing on vinyl in the 80s.

My “normal career” was as an industrial chemist which involved travelling all over the USA and Europe. I have presented at major conferences for up to 1500 of my peers with experience in sales and customer training. These skills are apparent in the way I can work with a crowd and use clear and concise language to make everyone feel involved in the wedding day.

I started out DJing again as the pharma industry in the UK began to fail in 2010 and it soon became my passion and eventually my sole source of income. I am very lucky to have a supportive wife who encourages me to become the best I can be. From private parties and pubs and clubs I moved into the wedding market and it was then I realised I had to get some training from the very best people in the industry to improve my performance. It has helped immensely in knowing how a wedding day is organised and how to keep the guests engaged and entertained. I’m never too old to learn and my training is ongoing as I attend conferences and training with DJs from all over the world.

Over the last 6 years I have developed my own style of hosting, eschewing the strict formalities of a traditional toastmaster in favour of a relaxed personal approach. I am very organised, and I can make your whole day flow smoothly without any apparent effort (of course this involves a lot of preparation and getting to know my clients). Meetings play a big part in how I operate, it would be very rare for me not to have had a great deal of contact with you before your event. I make sure we get along and have the same ideas about a party and if we don’t then I will turn down a booking no matter how lucrative.

My biggest frustration at weddings I have attended as a guest, is not knowing what is happening and where I need to be to not miss any important events – I am very careful at my events to keep everyone informed about where, when and how things will happen, so that you guests don’t miss a moment.

I am a friendly outgoing person, happy to be part of a wedding – my favourite comments from clients is when they tell me they couldn’t imagine ever having their wedding without me and how I now feel like part of their family. This is why so many of them keep in contact with me and respond to my posts on social media – I even get Christmas and birthday cards!

Your Perfect Match

Your wedding should be unique and personal, so make the right choice.

But hurry – I only perform at one wedding per day!

Your perfect day is just a moment away.